8 Reasons to Deactivate Your Facebook Account

2013. augusztus 26. 12:21

Neha Prakash

The job search may be the most contested reason for deactivating one's Facebook account.

1. Unconscious Addiction

Facebook is habit forming. Much like any other addictive substance, it's completely plausible to get hooked on social networking, one study claims. But unlike smoking or other dangerous activities, it's much harder to notice the backlash from Facebook addiction, meaning you might not even know just how hooked you are. On average, women spent 81 minutes per day Facebooking, and men spent 64 minutes.

Mashable business reporter Seth Fiegerman points out Facebook is like a credit card -- it encourages you to overspend in time what you may not have. It's wiser to avoid it now than realize the lost resources later on. (…)

3. The Job Hunt

The job search may be the most contested reason for deactivating one's Facebook account. Though studies have shown 90% of job recruiters will use a candidate's profile as part of the screening process, those same studies indicate 69% of those recruiters have rejected a candidate based on the content they saw.

Other studies have shown that employers may believe a person not on Facebook is a psychopath, although that's one of the most extreme conclusions.

While you might not think your profile is in the realm of scandalous, you never know which small no-nos might trigger a company's reconsideration. You can always let your potential employer know that you had a Facebook, but deactivated it to spend more time in the real world than the online. That sentiment alone could communicate that you aren't a Facebook addict, that you will ultimately be more productive at work.

Finally, if you're having a hard time getting a job, logging off Facebook will help your ego: You won't have to read about Becky's new job, in which she gets to »play with puppies and meet the President.«”

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